Stream Manager
  • creation
    • The front-end create a stream based on the HANDLES of already existing junctions and agents, plus the topology. Return a unique stream HANDLE.
    • May also need a version that is callable by all members of the Stream.
  • quiesce
    • Drain the network of all in-flight messages related to a stream in order to make the stream consistent. The stream remain in a blocked state, no data transfer is possible until the reverse operation.
  • resume
    • Unquiesce !
  • flush
    • Deliver all in-flight messages in the stream to the final destination. Do not return until the flush operation is completed.
  • deletion
    • Starting from a stream HANDLE, release any resources related to the stream. This may imply dropping in-flight messages.
  • query
    • Return attributes associated with the given stream.
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