Welcome to the STCI initiative


The purpose of the Scalable Tools Communication Infrastructure initiative is to develop a common, scalable, portable, and extensible communication infrastructure for the deployment of developer tools on the emerging peta- and exa-scale high performance computing systems.

Traditionally, tools infrastructure has been developed by single organizations as frameworks specific to a single tool (e.g. TotalView) or as generic, tool independent, scalable communication infrastructure (e.g. MRNet.) The new class of peta- and exa-scale systems are going to demand significantly greater scalability from such infrastructure than has been required in the past. This is going to make it much more difficult to absorb the cost of developing, porting and maintaining both the infrastructure and the tool. The STCI initiative is aimed at amortizing this cost across a broad community, while at the same time providing a common API for developing the next generation of high performance computing tools.

The plan

This site is intended to be a repository for ideas, designs, and specifications for the STCI. We will be using this site as a means of capturing the discussion and ideas from this meeting. Over the coming months, smaller working groups will be contributing designs and specifications to the project.

Past and Future Planning Meetings

Major Use Cases



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