Project Structure Working Group


Develop a formal structure for the project organization.

Requirements to be considered include:

  • Get all important stakeholders involved
  • License GPL/LGPL are problematic
  • Formally defined project infrastructure (wiki,source,etc.)
  • Voting process must be established
  • Ability to commercialize
  • Attribution of contribution
  • Formal testing and quality processes
  • Formal committer access process
  • Legal entity controls source code
  • Funding model
  • Formal contribution agreement
  • Intellectual property assurance

Licensing issues include:

  • Ensuring IP-clean code
  • Forced disclosure of source code
  • Reverse engineering issues
  • Will make things more complicated to work on LGPL
  • Contamination of proprietary code
  • Streamlining of contribution process
  • Amenable to commercialization
  • Needs to be compatible with BSD license
  • Needs to be compatible with EPL license
  • Must be compatible with vendor requirements
  • Starting from IP-clean code base


Recommended structure for ratification at the next STCI meeting.


Note: nomination indicates your commitment to achieving the working group objectives

Greg Watson, IBM (Coordinator)
Rob Fowler, RENCI
Dorian Arnold, UWisc
Rich Graham, ORNL
Pete Nicholls, IBM


First teleconference within 2 weeks (preferrably one week)
Draft recommendation to be circulated by email by 9/30/07
Final recommendation for ratification November 12


September 20, 2007

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