Infrastructure Lifecycle Meeting Sept 13th 2007

2PM EST, September 13th

Preliminary Agenda

  • Review the joint meeting with the Data Exchange WG.
  • Verify use case coverage.
  • Confirm use case assignments
  • Establish time/date for next meeting.

The teleconference info is:

Toll Free: 1-877-421-0033
Local: 770-615-1250
Passcode: 583191

Use cases from lifecycle perspective

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Darius Buntinas, Richard Graham, Wyatt Spear, Steve Cooper

  • Review the joint meeting with the Data Exchange WG
    • With the meeting from yesterday fresh in our minds we moved on to the next agenda item.
  • Verify Use Case Coverage
    • The wiki page Use cases from lifecycle perspective was discussed in detail.
    • As a starting point, the assumptions about the STCI identified in the four use cases were mapped into a set of requirements.
    • These requirements were then categorized by working group (Session Management, Infrastructure Lifecycle, and Data Exchange)
    • Infrastructure Lifecycles were identified.
      • A lifecycle associated with the STCI installation.
      • A session-centric lifecycle that reflected the use of the STCI by a tool.
    • The two lifecycles may overlap.
    • A tool should have the ability to enable (turn on) the STCI if not already in a usable state.
  • Confirm use case assignments
    • Darius will transform the description of the lifecycle with respect to the utilization by a tool into a visual representation (state diagram, flow chart, etc.).
    • Steve will generate a state diagram to represent the lifecycle from the installation perspective.
    • The diagrams will be generated using Powerpoint since most members have access to this tool.
  • Establish time/date for next meeting.
    • The working group decided to communicate via the mailing list.
    • The members need to focus the completeness of the diagrams.
      • The existing diagrams should be augmented as required.
      • Additional diagrams should be created to provide more detail.
    • The next meeting with the Data Exchange group is scheduled for September 26th.
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